Quest Healthcare Solutions, Inc. is a privately held Healthcare I/T consulting corporation founded in early 2002.

We are focused on providing meaningful and cost effective I/T consulting services to Healthcare organizations to support their complex and unique requirements.  The company's employees are individulals that have considerable knowledge and experience in Healthcare Information Technology and the organization is consistently seeking for and recruiting experienced Healthcare I/T professionals to assist in meeting our client's goals and objectives. Our consultants are specialists in the McKesson HealthQuest/MedipacĀ© and ADSPlusĀ© product lines and can deliver innovative and timely results to maximize your investment for your organization's application initiatives.  

 To provide meaningful and cost-effective Information Technology consulting services to Healthcare institutions where we may fully utilize our managerial, technical, and fuctional skills to support organizational objectives and to partner with industry professionals using mutually beneficial methods to meet these initiatives.